Basecamp & TempInBox: sites to watch

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POSTED: December 23, 2006

Here are two sites I have found recently that may be of use in a number of ways.

Basecamp is a collaborative online project management system, which I should investigate in the new year. It might be a way of organising student work. Or it might not.

It is free if you want to organise one project at a time, and $12 a month if you want to organise three at once, and share 100megs of files. Pricing goes up to $149 per month which gives you unlimited projects, 2 gigs of file sharing, time tracking and ssl transfer.

TempInBox offers anonymous temporary inboxes. You can use these for anything you want. For signing up to services which you suspect will spam you with “news” you have no interest in, for example.

Since this site is getting spammed daily, and since I receive endless emails from iTunes and similar places then I think I could find a use for this in the next few months.