Skype Spam 01

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POSTED: November 24, 2006

Yesterday I had my first Skype spam. Call me blinkered, but I wasn’t even aware that there was such a thing. I got the following as a message:

I greet you in the name of our lord. My name is MRS ROSELINE MULEKO,based in South Africa i have a job offer available for you, if you can work with me by helping to receive moneyorder/check payments from my client Monthly salary for you: $450 every two weeks to a total of $900 per month Commission:10% of every money order/check that is cashed instantly “cash in hand” or “cash on counter” is what you get from the total cashedamount.
At this juncture, Ithere fore ask for your kindest and sincere assistance in providing us with the following details, so that we can start working together remainber that you shall be give your share.
1.Full Name:
3.Marital Status:
8.Country Of ..
11.Mobile Number
send your reply to my priavet e-mail if only you are interested:
Thanking you for your anticipated response

I checked the Skype name and yes this name is registered as living in Cape Town, which raises the interesting question as to why their Yahoo mail address is in Italy. I briefly contemplated trying to add them to my contacts, so that I could send messages to them, but I decided that the time involved/amusement factor balance was probably wrong, and abandoned the idea.

Before anyone reminds me, I do realise that I can stop this easily enough, by setting Skype to only accept messages from people on my Contact List, and if this is something I am going to see a lot of then I will. For the moment though I am simply happy to be unable to help the upper-case MRS ROSELINE MULEKO.