Sunday, December 6

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A path, 12:00


The rain had stopped by the time we got up and I went for an hour’s walk. It had clearly been a major storm in the night because paths
and roads were littered with branches and twigs.

Now I am walking down the long path that leads to the ring road and I can see a tree ahead. It has been sawn very recently and the piece blocking the path removed. In the distance I can see two men doing something similar to another fallen tree.

When I walk down Peilitie in fifteen minutes I will watch people dragging branches off the road.

At 17:00 Irma and Naa will leave for an Independence Day party that is being organised for the young refugees. I will have a shower and then read. I will set the alarm on my phone so that I don’t forget to light the Independence Day candles at exactly 6pm. This is a tradition that we always observe and I will make sure we do it again this year.

Irma and Naa will return home about 19:50, excited and happy. There were about 280 people at Kivikko and they will explain about the wild dancing and the joy the refugees had in having a party.

After supper everyone will go to bed early.