Saturday, December 5

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Living room, 19:00


Today we all got up relatively early and I went for a walk through the slight drizzle. I reasoned that if I wait for perfect weather then I won’t walk anywhere until Spring. Having said that, the walk was quite short.

After breakfast Irma and I went to Stockmann and Prisma, which were busier than normal because tomorrow is Independence Day and everything is closed. Before we went Irma had taken some Pellinki fishcakes out of the fridge and when we returned we had fishcakes and fresh brussels sprouts. Since we love both of these the meal was a great success.

After that Irma went to work and Naa went to Kamppi. I stayed at home with Sunshine and cleaned the house. The cat went in and out a few times but the rain and wind kept it in more than it wanted.

Now everyone is home and I am looking at a candle which has decided to burn in an unhelpful way. It looks interesting but wax is flowing everywhere.

Irma went to a conference this afternoon for young muslims and was then asked to speak at a meeting in the New Year. She will happy about this and I will be impressed.

We will have a glass of wine to celebrate.