Thursday, December 3

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Dining room, 19:00


When I got to Itäkaskus and entered the metro station I realised it was Glöggi Day. The people from were standing there handing out warm glöggi and little bags of ginger biscuits. Almost everyone in my metro carriage sat there sitting and crunching for most of the journey, to the puzzlement of people who got on later.

In the morning I prepared for a Skype meeting I was due to have as part of the From Artists to Teachers project until, ten minutes before it was due to begin, I got an email saying that the organiser had a head cold and couldn’t talk properly. I asked if this meant it was cancelled and everyone else joined in with the kind of unnecessary sympathy that implied they were too busy for the meeting anyway.

I started work on redoing my website instead, and then had a set of conversations with Jutta, Matteo and Monica about student theses.

Much of the afternoon was spent in Oasis, where Liisa and I planned The Future North event. We planned it so well that it stopped being called The Future North and became (for now at least) Nordic Narratives: art & argument.

Now I am home, the cat has been out and in again, and Irma has returned from her neurosonic chair session. She has had an exciting day and discovered that she will now be required to use Slack in her work with the design team. She is chuckling away.

I am looking at the chandelier that Irma decorated and never undecorated. It is very impressive in the darkness of the evening.

Naa is at Jana’s and will phone up at 21:50 to say they have been talking so animatedly that they forgot to check the clock. She will arrive home fifty minutes later, by which time I will be in bed and almost asleep. I will be half-awake because elements of my brief WordPress session this morning keep floating through my mind.

I will spend the whole of tomorrow trying to finish it. Let’s see how far I get.