Monday, November 30

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The garden, 13:10


Today I worked from home. Naa had asked if anyone would be here when she woke up and I decided that there was nothing I needed to be at Arcada for, so volunteered to stay. I started the morning answering mail, and then I had a ninety minute Skype call with Ivar from Oslo about the immersive world project.

After that I made lunch for Naa and I and she then left for Kamppi to tell Mummi all about the last three months. She was very dubious about going because the weather was appalling. It was dark at 12:30 and the wind was howling.

Sunshine went outside very cautiously twice and raced back in almost immediately. The reason for this is the gale that is blowing through the garden. All the lanterns are swinging wildly and the wind is loud enough to be audible indoors. I am outdoors checking the tarpaulin around the garden furniture. I checked it at 10:00 and everything was fine but now it has partly blown away. I fix it as best I can and go in again.

Jutta will be furiously trying to book rooms for the course we are teaching jointly in Period 4, and I will make comments from the side on Skype while writing some more notes, and working on the assignment for Nobanet that I need to finish tomorrow.

Sunshine will spend the whole afternoon in the bedroom cupboard , where it goes when things get too much.