Saturday, November 28

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Inkeroistentie, 14:40


We got up relatively early this morning and had breakfast. Tomppa came round to fix the roof-edging. As we suspected the root cause involved the wood that the edging was screwed to starting to rot. Tomppa will fix that in the Spring.

I cleaned and vacuumed and then went for a walk. It was still cold and windy so I walked briskly. Now I am looking at two boxes at the side of the road. I am looking at them because I have noticed a lot of rightwing propaganda stickers have been placed around the area, and I am diligently scraping them off. If the fact that they have been placed there is bad news then I suppose the fact that a lot of people before me have scraped them off is some sort of good news.

Note to fascists: if you print stickers that say “Immigrants not welcome” and place the “not” in the bottom left-hand corner of the sticker, it is childishly easy to make them say “Immigrants welcome”. I see while I am walking round that I am not the only person who has realised this.

When I get back we will go to Prisma and Stockmann to buy things from the delicatessan because Naa is coming home tomorrow.

I will spend the early part of the evening drawing a Welcome Home card for Naa which has the advantage or not of looking like it was drawn by a clever eight year old. Saturday Night Fever will be on television in the middle of the evening and, despite the fact that we have it on video, we will sit down to watch it.