Thursday, November 26

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Helsinginkatu, 11:40


I had no breakfast this morning for medical reasons, and found that it was trying to snow as I walked to the bus.

I began the morning by writing an initial description of the new pan-Nordic project that I am proposing. It gained a name yesterday while I was floating: Vanaheimr. I have no idea whether this will stick or not, although I like it. I wanted a Nordic name and Vanaheimr is the home of the Vanir in Norse mythology: the gods associated with fertility, wisdom, nature, magic, and the ability to see the future, which are metaphorically the kind of goals you might have in mind when thinking about personal growth.

Not all the Norse gods lived in Asgard, although sadly most of the Vanir were captured or destroyed in the Asgard-Vanaheimr war.

At 10:00 I had a meeting with Riita in which I explained about the project and she decided that she and her colleague would join in.

Now it is nearly midday and I have raced from Arcada to Diacor to get a blood test, which explains my lack of breakfast. This is merely a routine check-up which I look forward to regarding as a waste of time. I am on my way back standing looking at Linnanmaki in the falling snow.

I will spend the afternoon with those of the CMS group who want help. The rest have emailed to say that they will work from home. I will continue working with Frida’s site because I firmly believe that once I have got that working I will know nearly everything I need to get all the other one page sites working too. I will decide to start again and remake it step-by-step on top of the Underscores theme. In doing this I will realise that I have made a tiny but profoundly significant mistake in how the style sheets are enqueued. Just before closing time I will fix this and BOOM the whole site will suddenly work.

I will show Frida exactly what I have done and she will understand it and be happy. I will be happy for other reasons. Just before I leave I will solve Johan’s javascript problem in less than a minute, somewhat to has chagrin since he had been working on it most of the afternoon.

I will point out truthfully that I only spotted the mistake because I have spent four hours trying to find a mistake of my own and am therefore in mistake-spotting mode.

In the evening the snow will turn to drizzle and Sunshine will arrive home looking as though he has been swimming all day.