Sunday, November 22

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The woods, 11:00


We woke up early but got up late. It was even colder outside, and the ground was covered in thick frost.

After breakfast I went out for a walk. I was freezing within about ten metres, where I see this poster from a small but violent Finnish extremist group on a tree in the woods. I have no idea what they are doing in this area, and I have no idea what the illustration symbolises; but it doesn’t please me. When I get home a few cold minutes later I will tell Irma who will also be somewhat concerned.

The walk at least had the effect of convincing me to put my autumn jacket in the shed and start wearing my winter jacket.

In the afternoon, wearing my winter jacket, I will drive with Irma to see her father. When we get home we will eat and then I will do the ironing.

The ground will still be covered in the morning frost when I go outside to the rubbish bin.

After Sunday reading, showering, and news-watching, we will catch a glimpse of Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland, realise it won’t finish until midnight, and go to bed.