Saturday, November 21

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Itis, 17:10


We did various gardening tasks in the early afternoon. I cut down some large stalks that need cutting down every autumn. They may or may not be nasturtiums. The weather seemed the coldest since last winter, and my hands were frozen by the time I had finished. The light was also very wintry in a particular way.

We went to Prisma for food and now we have come to Itis to look at the electric candles in Clas Ohlson. Having decreed them unsatisfactory we are now walking toward Stockmann for no particular reason when we find ourselves greeted by four large animatronic stuffed toys of a dog-like kind, who are playing jazz in a cool stuffed-dog-like manner.

We will go to Stockmann and end up downstairs in the deli where we will find genuine mince pies, as well as a lot of other Christmas foodstuffs we will want. Some of them we will actually buy.

Once we get home Irma will make a Thai chicken dish while we chat, and then we will sit in the wintry dark and watch television for a while.