Friday, November 20

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A406, Arcada, 9:00


I woke up exactly on time, ate and left into the drizzling dark. The light started to appear as I waited for the bus which was thankfully five minutes late or I would not have caught it.

Now I am in the staffroom at Arcada. We were expecting the printer to be fixed yesterday and Maria has just asked whether we should interpret this notice as meaning that it will be filled in exactly six years time. (To make sense of this you need to know that all the printers at Arcada have names. Larry lived here until he was replaced by Vince, whom you see now.)

I will answer some mails about student theses and deadlines. I will then spend the rest of the morning in the Oasis room with Andrej, Liisa and Tomas doing two things at once. We are testing out the Ideo prototyping course and we are using our need to produce a plan for the Future North as our topic.

After lunch Tomas will go off to edit a video of one of his lectures and the remaining three of us will move downstairs to Kabinn Runeberg, where we will draw up several quite detailed prototypes. We will also map out a spinoff idea that occurred to us this morning.

We will stop shortly after 16:00 after fixing a second four-hour get-together at which we will turn our ideas and notes into a report that we can give to the next departmental meeting.

I will leave with one final task in mind. Today it the sixteenth anniversary of the day that Irma and I met at a party of Bello’s and I have something to do.