Monday, November 16

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Sörnainen, 10:30


I woke up later this morning, which felt nice because I had gone to bed later than I intended. It was drizzling when I left the house for my doctor’s appointment.

At 10:00 I saw Marjatta Pekkarinen at Diacor because Kari Hyyrynen seems to have moved or retired. I wanted a check-up and I got one, albeit it in a rather unusual way. She took my blood pressure, suggested it wasslightly high, and asked if I meditated at all. I said that I did and she said that she wanted me to meditate for fifteen minutes every evening and then take my blood pressure, and write it down. After doing this for a week I should come and get some blood tests, and then show her my test results when we meet to discuss the test results.

It had stopped raining when I left and I just missed a tram, so I walked up to Sörnäinen. It started drizzling again and as I got there it rained hard. Now I am waiting for a tram. The rain has died down to a drizzle again.

At midday I will have lunch at Prakticum with Nathalie, Fred, Tiina, Monica, and Mirko. This is a tradition that Nathalie has started in which memebrs of the team get to hang out together over caesar salad and chilli con carne.

In the afternoon we will have a team meeting and then I will go home in the dark. Irma and I will meet for almost the first time in a week.

We will chat.