Deposited in your account, or not

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POSTED: August 7, 2006

Recently I have been inundated with scam-spam offering me millions of dollars if only I help someone unlikely steal an even larger amount of money for themselves. I have been getting four or five a day, interspersed with offers of Viagra, fake Rolexes, and hot news about a lottery I have won without even entering.

This sort of thing:


It may interest you to know that I work here in Switzerland as a Government Secret Agent/ External Auditors with the International Bank for Settlement BIS. My name is Mr. Edward Robson, Financial Comptroller, Foreign Exchange Department-BIS.

This afternooon I accidentally found a site run by a dedicated group of people who actually reply to these things in an effort to counter-swindle the swindlers and/or have fun. Some of their exploits are highly entertaining.