Friday, November 13

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Access Space, 18:30


Yesterday, when I finally reached Sheffield station I found a Marks & Spenser. A selection of snacks of the Greek variety ended up at the Travelodge with me. Taramasalata in bed was followed by a shower and a lot of sleep.

This morning I woke up with a clear view of how I should remake my presentation. I spent the whole day doing it. The task was made easier by the fact that the sky was grey, and the weather alternated between being windy and raining, and very windy and raining so hard it made it difficult to see.

In the early afternoon the rain stopped and I went out to find lunch. I found The Banker’s Draft, a Weatherspoons pub, where I had a steak and kidney pudding.

Now I am at Access Space which turns out to be a five minute walk from the hotel. It is the opening of the annual 20×20 open exhibition. You can submit anything as long as it measures 20 inches square and cab be hung on a wall.

I chat with Jake, his partner Monica, John, and others. The space has been opened up and looks interesting in a cheerfully ramshackle way.

I opt not to stay for a drink in the pub over the road, which will turn out to be sensible. Five minutes after I am back in my room the heavens will open again, and remain open until late, it being the weekend and all.