Wednesday, November 11

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Teaterplassen, Oslo, 14:00


I had enough to eat yesterday to make skipping breakfast advisable. I had a leisurely and lengthy shower instead.

The walk to Westerdals is much quickerif you walk through the station, which we did. I led a morning sessionin which we got down to timetabling the next six months’ activities. To everyone’s surprise including mine it worked.

During the morning Irma will email me with some excellent news; something she has been hoping for has actually happened.

At 12:45 we walked around the corner and along a real road to a restaurant called Vognmand Nilsen owned and managed by a man who looked and sounded like Grant from Eastenders. I had chicken salad and pannacotta. We all drank local apple juice.

Now we are walking back to the university. Eija wants us to pose for a group photo and so we will.

We will spend another hour and a half concluding our meeting and then I will walk through the corridors that claim to be streets to Central Station and catch a train to the airport.

I will notice that there seems to be no Lego shop at the airport and, indeed, no Lego on sale at all.