Monday, November 9

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Comfort Hotel, Oslo Central Station, 18:00


No cyling this morning: I walked with my suitcase past Alepa and a 95 turned up just as I passed the bus stop. I rode to Itäkeskus, got the metro to Kalasatama, and walked from there.

I spent the morning answering mails, reading student theses, and dealing with people incapable of managing their Lynda subscriptions. I also ate a delicious homemade lunch.

At 13:30 I packed my laptop, dropped it into my suitcase, and left the building. One tram and a 615 and I was at the airport.

Ninety minutes later I was in Oslo catching a train to Central Station. The map was right. The hotel is actually inside the station! I was childishly happy.

My room is small and has a large image on the wall. It is some kind of wallpaper but it has been ripped and torn by hand and painted over on a kind of interior decorator’s version of distressed jeans. The bedhead has paint splashed on it “accidentally”. I am pleasantly shocked.

When I go to the toilet I will be doubly shocked. The image there is somewhat more threatening in a nightmarish way.

I will meet Erik when he arrives and we will find a Chinese restaurant called Jambo that serves underwhelming food at overwhelming prices.

I will shower and go to bed, fall asleep instantly, and wake suddenly at 7:00 tomorrow.