Sunday, November 8

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Itäväylä, 17:30


It was raining hard when we woke up and had obviously been raining all night.

Today was Fathers’ Day and so all the shops were shut. I got two shirts, some aftershave from Irma and a very nice card. The shirts are excellent and both fit really well. One is from Naa and one is the sort of shirt Auo would have given me had she been able to. Naa will post a photograph of her and me on Facebook that I have no memory of being in. It made me laugh though.

Yesterday Irma had got groceries for her mother and so this afternoon we delivered them as part of a lengthy trip round Helsinki. We visited Irma’s father with his Fathers’ Day gift, and then her mother, and then Kamppi.

Now we are driving back through the continuing rain.

When we get home I will type out one more chapter and have a shower. I will go to sleep within seconds and sleep all night.