Saturday, November 7

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Kitchen, 19:00


Today we leapt out of bed early and bright-eyed. The weather was clear and we went outside to saw down a tree branch that was blocking a view that would benefit from not being blocked. I cut it into pieces and stacked them at the back of the house, and then swept all the leaves out of the garden.

The weather is supposed to change later today and so I put my bike into the shed. Hopefully there will be more cycling this year, but not today.

We spoke to Naa while eating brunch and then Irma went shopping while I vacuum-cleaned and copied out another chapter of the book.

Now we have been cooking, or at least Irma has been peeling and I have been chopping. We have an autumn casserole filled with root vegetables and Camilla’s lamb.

We will eat it with a glass of red wine. Or two.

As promised the weather will turn and it will start to rain hard. The cat will stop wanting to go out and start wanting someone to sit next to it on the sofa.