Thursday, November 5

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The back of the British Consulate, 19:15


I didn’t cycle this morning because I wasn’t certain how I would retrieve my bike in the evening. Instead I set out to walk to the metro. However, as I arrived at the bus stop by Alepa a 95 and a 97 bus arrived together, and I decided to get one. I arrived at Itäkeskus metro for the first time in a couple of months.

I decided to switch to winter plans, got off at Sörnäinen and waited for a tram with Matteo who was standing there when I arrived. We had a timely and useful conversation.

At 9:00 I attended a meeting about the conference Lars is organising in the Spring and the website that it requires. Sina had produced an excellent mock-up and all went well.

I then had a Skype meeting and wrote some assignments. At 11:15 I set off for Aalto.

I spent the rest of the day in a working meeting for a group I have been asked to be part of: The Artist as Teacher. There were nine of us and it was interesting company. What’s more the task (producing an online course) fits in with what I have been doing and the content inetrests me a lot.

I left at 17:00 to meet Irma at the British Embassy because it is Guy Fawkes Night and we have been invited to the Well in the Park for a bonfire party.

Now the bonfire is alight, we have had hot dogs, and the fireworks will begin in ten minutes. It is very British and very jolly. The couple we met before are there again and we oscillate between standing inside chatting and outside watching the flames.