Sunday, November 1

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Vartiokyläntie, 11:00


We got up earlier than usual, feeling lively. The weather was warmer and off I walked. For some reason I start noticing road signs and eventually I photograph one.

In the afternoon I will iron and sweep the garden while Irma goes to see her mother. Then I will rake the garden and carry a wheelbarrow of leaves to the woods. This will call forth a woman who shouts at me for minutes about reporting me for dumping rubbish in the woods. I will be somewhere between irritated and amused since I genuinely thought that I was doing the world a favour: spreading leaves on the ground so that they turn into soil and feed the ground.

I look forward to the police investigation with interest.

Dark will come early and the atmosphere will be that not-quite-cold cosiness that makes you want to wrap a blanket round yourself and go to sleep.

So we will.