Wednesday, October 28

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Hermannin rantatie, 8:20


I am walking from Kalasatama metro station and I am going to the new Lidl to buy stuff for lunch for the rest of the week. I will be the only person in the store when I arrive. When I leave I will be overtaken by a woman who will then spend almost fifteen minutes arguing about the price of some milk she has bought. Under-managers and then senior managers will be called until eventually someone with enough authority deletes her purchases from the cash register so that I can go through while the debate continues.

In the morning I will finish my application for principal lecturer and show it to Nathalie, who will mark it again and return it to me.

At 10:30 I will have a tutorial with a first year student who is going to attempt to do her studies in Period 3 from a beach in Australia. While Luke has been managing this as a professional lifestyle for two or three years, it requires a certain level of self-confidence and self-discipline that makes me dubious about the likely success of this particular student. I might well be wrong, and I hope I am. I am proceeding on the assumption that it will all work out well, and hoping she is too.

After that I will return to my book chapter, read through it, make some final notes, and put it back.

I will spend the afternoon with the CMS group running a special seminar for the bewildered, using my site as an example. By the end of the session I will have the redesign of my site well underway and the group will be following along, happy to have a concrete example to learn from.

I will spend an hour and a half in the evening typing out another chapter of Community, Art and the State, and thinking about what I can do with it when it is complete.