Friday, October 23

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Prisma, 19:00


I spent the morning having a Skype meeting with Jutta, preparing for her time off. Then I watched Lynda videos for a couple of hours. I had two things in mind. Firstly I wanted to get everything nailed down for next week’s CMS sessions, which are not going to be as easy as I hoped. Secondly I wanted to get the XML course in January reconfigured to use Lynda, since one of the students will be taking the first half of it from a beach in Australia.

In the afternoon I finifhed my experiments with Slack and its alternatives. I spoke with Jutta again and we decided to go back into the Zoho fold. For out purposes Zoho Connect looks like the organisational tool we want. We set it up and now we shall see.

Irma was tired when I got home, but we went to Prisma anyway. Now I am standing by the Otto looking at it, while Irma is in Emotion being treated like a regular customer.

Later we will sit at home with a glass of wine talking.