Sunday, October 18

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Mylypuro, 17:00


This morning began, as usual, with a brisk walk and then, after brunch, with a trip to Prisma to change the lamp that didn’t work for one that hopefully does. I decided to spend an extra five euros on getting one that charges from a USB socket rather than one that uses AAA batteries.

Irma pointed out that I had promised yesterday that I would finally type out Community, Art & the State and make it available digitally. I remembered this and set about starting. The book has twenty chapters and by the time I stopped I had typed out two of them. If I do this every night, then I should have it online by the time I go to Sheffield. I can pretend that I am on a thirtieth anniversary book tour.

Now we have gone for a cycle ride. We have stopped at the adult playground where I am photographing the artificial river and Irma is hanging from some bars. We will cycle for thirty minutes and it will feel very pleasant indeed. We both like cycling in the sutumn air, and this is a very good autumn for cycling.

In the evening I will read and shower, but not at the same time.