Friday, March 23

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Hameentie, 15:20

Today is Auo’s second day with her new phone: a Huawei powered by Android 2.3. She was busy all the way to school being a dedicated new user. She already has Angry Birds, two ringtone makers, Dropbox (even though she didn’t know what is was “because it was recommended in the AppStore”) and several other apps.

I have spent most of the day compiling my second Powerpoint presentation, which will also double as two presentations for the up-coming Social Media course and will, in fact, serve to anchor the whole course. I have also had a long chat with Niklas about the cutomised version of Imprudence that he has been making. It is now working exactly like we planned, and looking much better than I had imagined.

If there is one thing that I really like about the new office it is the view out of the window. I can turn round and look at a landscape. Outside at the moment, it is bright sunshine. The sky is clear, and I have just decided that I am about to go outside for a walk.

In two hours time the Masters course starts. Tonight Nicke Hallgren will be talking about hardware for the first half of the evening and I will be showing my slideshow in the second half.