Thursday, October 15

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Albertinkatu, 18:30


I spent the morning working on various exercises for the CMS course. I explored Foundation, and built a simple framework to house this web site, in order to explore its css classes. I also explored the WordPress database structure, to answer a question I had been asked on Tuesday. While doing this I finally found the missing entries for my diary, to my surprise.

The diary currently runs from January 1, 2012, but the project actually began at the beginning of 2010. Two years of the site disappeared when the site was attacked and I had to rebuild it. I now know where they all are, and I have copies of the relevant databases. All I need is the time to reassemble them.

The afternoon session of the CMS course concerned the project they are making with Jutta. This is supposed to become the starting point for designing their own themes, and I wanted to make sure that everyone had one and that they will be finished in time.

The session finished early and I went home as quickly as I could. Sunshine was inside so I let him out and he raced off. I waited for him to come back, but he didn’t; so I cycled back to the metro.

Now I am at the Creat gallery, for their first opening night. The show is by Antti Sepponen and is called Lahti. It consists of his photographs of the town, and they are very good in a David Lynch way. They certainly give the impression that Lahti is a suburb of Twin Peaks.

The dj has fallen ill and so Liisa is djing from her Macintosh, in the modern way. I do not stay long. I talk to the few people I know, and to Antti Sepponen, and have one very small glass of the blue cocktail which I am told is a typical drink in Lahti. It would power a reasonably fast sports car.

When I get home at about 19:30 Sunshine will be sitting outside waiting for me. We will go in and eat. I will hear nothing from Irma who is in Haiko at a two-day seminar. Since she is staying in a spa, I hope she manages to find some time to use the facilities. She didn’t think that this was very likely when we spoke about it yesterday.

I will sit reading until it is time to go to bed, and then I will spend the night being disturbed by Sunshine who will seem unsure where he is supposed to sleep now that Irma is missing.