Wednesday, October 14

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Puotila, 7:50


The number of people cycling to the station and leaving their cycles there has dropped alarmingly in the last couple of weeks, as summer has ended and the cold has set in. Only four or five of us are still game. Mine is the bike in the middle, with the white basket.

I will spend the morning in various chats with various people, and the afternoon with the CMS group.

This afternoon I will take them on a lightning detour into Woocommerce. We will make a quick website that works as a fully functional e-shop. Woocommerce is now so logical and comprehensive that there is very little that needs teaching. I walk them through the process of setting up a new site and installing WordPress, by way of revision. Then we choose a theme and install Woocommerce, and an hour later everyone understands everything.

I will close the session early because I am due to see Päivi at 16:00. I will make it to her office just at the right time. Päivi works for the Non Discrimination Ombudsman and I will talk with her about the practicalities of the life that the recent influx of refugees are facing. The students in the Mobile Apps course want to make an app to help the refugees, and I will spend an hour trying to get a picture of what will actually help them.

Päivi will promise to see if she can find someone in the Red Cross who can answer these questions in more detail. In fact, the Red Cross may have clear ideas about what such an app might contain, and how it might be used.