Monday, October 12

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Arcada, 10:30


Yesterday I saw the first ice of autumn. When Irma moved a watering can a sheet of ice fell off. It had formed in the base of the can, which had been stored upside down.

The weather was very cold this morning, and I had forgotten to put a plastic bag over the bicycle seat. Unlike last week the seat wasn’t wet with dew, because the dew had frozen solid. I had to scrape it off before wiping the seat. I won’t forget the bag again tonight.

I spent the first part of the morning watch ing Lynda videos to check the details of the playlist I had given the students, in a bid to anticipate their questions tomorrow.

Now I am in the corridor and the low autumn sun is blazing through the windows- A student couple are leaning in to one another as though posing, although they are unaware of anything except each other.

In a few minutes I will have a brainwave and try something out in A303. I might have found the answer to the problem that was affecting the students’ Xampp installations last week. It will be impossible to tell, though, until the students try it for themselves tomorrow.