Saturday, October 10


Home, 19:00


I started the morning with a walk and then do some garden work before deciding to have a shower. In the shower I decided that it was time to wash the tiles, and so I did.

Irma had a dinner date with a friend of hers in Herttoniemic, and she needed to take a bottle of wine. At 16:30 we drove to Prisma and bought some wine, and then Irma drove to Mirka’s apartment. She got out and I drove back to Prisma for a lettuce and some more wine.

Now I am sitting at home. I have finished two stories from The Continental Op. I had vague memories of reading them before before, several times, but I could not recall the plots. I take out my iPad and look at some of the photograph’s I took yesterday in Jutta’s shop.

She sells cushions and sheets and bags, all made from her photographs, which are treated and then digitally printed. They are very expensive but very nice. She started out with photographs that she took in Borneo, but now works mainly with photographs she takes in Helsinki.

In an hour I will decide to watch a movie. I will spend a long time choosing one of the movies from my box of 50s science fiction films. I will finally decide upon The Incredible Shrinking Man.

I will be three quarters of the way through it when Irma will phone to ask me to collect her from Puotila. It is freezing cold and she doesn’t want to walk. I will drive her home and we will open a bottle of wine.

Tonight we will enjoy ourselves, and go to bed late.