Friday, October 9

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Kauppatori, 15:40


I spent the morning planning the rest of my courses for this year. I had finished my workplan with Fred, so I was now making sure that everything did in fact fit together.

At 12:30 I left for the centre to meet Liisa for lunch at Friends and Brgrs. One of her sons cooks there, and he was on duty so we got extra dressing. The burgers are all made on the premises from Finish meat, and the buns are made by a local bakery. The fries are tripled-cooked and made from real pieces of potato and not potato flour.

They were good burgers, and as I left I noticed Hans Velimäki sitting at a table with a child, eating a burger with his baseball cap pulled down over his face.

The purpose of this was to go and see Creat’s new space, which we then did. It is a very good gallery space that they have rented for a year, and which we are planning to use as a venue for The Future North next May.

Now we are walking to see a shop called Taigacolor, which is run by a friend of Irma’s who also turns out to be a friend of Liisa’s. WE are walking past the annual herring market and I stop to buy some herrings from Jorre and Johanna. I also wave to Magnus Nyholm and his girlfriend.

We will spend a long time with Juta in her shop and then I will leave for hom. On the way I will stop at Stockmann and XXL to try to buy a rain poncho before realising that there is only one place in Helsinki guaranteed to have one. I will be right. I will buy one in Tiger for 3€, and buy some KitKats at the same time.

When I get home we will pull the sheets and I will iron and vacuum-clean while Irma is out at the shops.

Irma will be feeling very down later in the evening. I will go for a very long walk that must have been eight or nine kilometres. It will take me two hours, walking at the speed of a slow run. I will keep my spirits up by listening to Per Gessle’s live album Gessle over Europe.

We will go to bed early and I, at least, will fall asleep straight away.