Saturday, October 3

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Prisma, 17:40


We both slept late, to the increasing annoyance of the cat. Eventually I let him out. It was just before midday.

I went for a walk and then raked the garden while Irma showered and made brunch. The weather was very sunny.

We went to Prisma and wandered upstairs to look for outdoor lights. Now I am sitting with the trolley while Irma explores the sale in the Emotion shop-in-a-shop.

Earlier I noticed that the Doctor Who episode I missed last Monday, the first of series 9, is available on YLE’s Areena app. When we get back I will watch it.

It is interestingly odd in terms of structure and characters, as well as building neatly on the existing mythology. Missy, the female Master, is a great over-the-top performance in the style of River Song.

I finished thinking about how much Auo would have enjoyed it, and how much I would have enjoyed watching it with her.