Friday, October 2

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Home, 17:20


I woke early and realised why I hadn’t written the book chapter as fast as I intended. I hadn’t decided where the the ideas led, and therefore I didn’t know how the chapter ended, and therefore I couldn’t get the writing to flow. So I got up and worked this out, and then I knew what I should do.

I showered while thinking and wrote some of this down before it got lost again. I ate breakfast, let Sunshine out, and cycled to Puotila.

I spent the morning organising courses, classes, trips and grant applications. I had Skype conversations with Jutta and face-toface conversations with Liisa.

Nathalie took us for lunch at China Flavor where the three of us had a planning meeting about The Future North, which is beginning to move from a good idea to a practical project.

At 14:00 we all went to the monthly Rector’s Coffee, where we eat cake, dronk coffee, and chat. Today’s only agenda item was me. Henrik made a speech about how interesting my thesis was, how he had watched the defence online with increasing interest, and how happy he was that I was part of the Arcada family. I made a short speech promising that I would be seeking funds for research, and that that research would link directly with the students’ work, and our teaching.

Afterwards I finished my emailing, enrolled a couple more students into Lynda and left for home. I got home about 16:30 and for the first time Sunshine was not there to greet me. I looked round the garden, in case he was hiding or asleep, but there he wasn’t.

I swept leaves for forty minutes to see if this attracted him but by the time the leaves were gone he was still somewhere else.

Now I am wandering around the house looking to see if there is anything that needs doing. I am in the shower area, checking there is no ironing. There isnt. I did it all the other night.

I will sweep up round the front door where the wind blows in grass and leaves, and then I will settle down to wait for Irma to arrive.