Thursday, October 1

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Vartiokyläntie, 19:00


Yesterday I brought my laptop home with a view to writing at home all day today. I wrote late into yesterday evening, and woke up about 8:00 this morning. I started writing again, and ended up rewriting most of yesterday’s work.

Sunshine had gone out when I got up. Then it had started raining, and then Sunshine came in. He had something to eat and then went to sleep on Naa’s bed. The rain stopped at the same time, and I took this as a signal to leave the house. Just as I went to close Naa’s door Sunshine guessed what I was doing, leapt up and ran to sit by the door. I took the hint and let him out.

I did some emailing at Arcada and had a Skype chat with Jutta. I agreed to take over some of her classes when she goes into hospital.

Now I am almost home again. The autumn leaves are covering the pavement and I am stopping to photograph one.

Sunshine will be waiting for me by the door, and shortly after we go in the rain will start again and will pour down for about two hours. I will sit and do some more writing.

Irma and I will have a Messenger chat later in the evening. I will be in the kitchen and Irma will be at a gala dinner in Malmö, listening to too-loud Motown covers and waiting for the food to arrive.