Tuesday, September 29

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Kalasatama, 17:00


I spent the morning preparing for the CMS course. I sat through most of the Lynda.com videos that I had asked the students to watch and prepared some exercises.

Unfortunately when the class began it turned out that last week’s assignment on Its Learning had set itself to inactive and I had not noticed. I had set the assignment but it had remained invisible to the students and so, for some reason, they had not done it. I looked at my course plans and decided that this might actually be a good thing.

Jutta and I are trying to coordinate our classes and mine has been moving too quickly. I therefore brought some more peripheral topics forward and recast the course while everyone sat watching. Today, I announced we will look at Buddypress and tomorrow we will look at Nextgen. In the next block we will look briefly at WooCommerce and then we will look at making themes from scratch.

We spent the afternoon running through Buddypress in a completely improvised class with a wide array of technical problems.

Now I am on my way to Pixelache. The roadworks have turned a five minute trip from outside Kalasatama metro to the Pixelache office into a twenty minute walk along temporary paths that ends with a trip through this temporary tunnel. For the second time in forty eight hours I have been drawn into a tunnel by Pixelache.

We are meeting to discuss the festival and the discussion will still be in full force when I leave at about 20:30. The festival was a major success in lots of ways and more positive than negative in every single way. John and Agnieszka did a fantastic job, as everybody told them.

I will get home to find Irma packing for her seminar in Malmö tomorrow. I will go to bed early to get out of her way and she will go to bed early because she has to get up at about 5:30.