Saturday, September 26

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Mikonkatu, 15:00


We got up quite late. I swept the leaves up and then showered. Irma made brunch.

Afterwards I cycled to Puotila and then caught the tram to Sörnäinen to pick up the Pixelache Festival tram. I rode it to the centre with Antti who was taking photographs and various old ladies who had got on and were delighted by the free coffee. There was an ambient soundscape playing as we rode to the centre.

Now I have got off and I am looking at it reflecting in the sun. It is the old cultural tram brought back into use for the festival.

I will walk to Academic Bookshop to see how their sale is progressing. Oddly, in my opinion. Last week everything was 90% off as they were clearing the shop for the new owners. Now most things are 80% off but there is new stock. I will purchase three small Penguin poetry books.

Back home I will cycle to Prisma for some wine for this evening. Irma and I will talk with Naa on Skype. Irma will make food while we chat, and we will fail to find anything interesting on television.