Thursday, March 22

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Sörnainen Metro Station, 20:20

I have just had a busy, busy day. I spent most of the day on the Masters programme. I began with a Skype call to Johnny and then another to Reidar. By the end of these we had finalised the grades for the initial assignment; agreed how to deal with their presentation; agreed the detailed rules for completing the course successfully; and agreed a detailed programme for Saturday.

Then I made two Powerpoint shows. First I prepared an explanatory slide show that will take everyone through the business of completing the course: how to score points, what not to do, deadlines, what to do if you miss them, and so on. Then I made a sixty-slide presentation called A Media Ecology, which constituted my lecture for the class.

At some point in this I had a tutorial with Alii, in which we went through her credits and worked out what she needs to do before she goes back to Canterbury in June.

From 16:30 until 20:00, I led the first session of this module of the Media Masters course. Now I am exhausted and heading down the escalators to the metro. I will get home, have a shower, watch thirty minutes of a very interesting documentary about the Chilean miners who were trapped for 30 days last year, and then climb into bed, where I will be asleep before I am properly horizontal.