Thursday, September 24

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Vartiokyläntie, 9:40


Late last night I had a brainwave. I looked up my copy of Raymond Williams’ Keywords and found an entry on individual. It corroborated everything I have been thinking, and provided the missing link between my thesis and subsequent action. I fell asleep happy.

This morning Irma had to leave early and wanted Sunshine to stay in all day. I realised that, rather than taking Keywords to Arcada to copy quotes from, I could stay at home and do it before going to work. I could make the cat happy by doing this, because he would have company for a couple of hours, and would spend less time locked in Naa’s room.

By the time I left I had done more than I would have managed in a whole morning of interrupted concentration at my desk at Arcada.

Now I am cycling to the metro. I have stopped because I saw what looked like a gold crown in the grass. It turns out to be a chocolate wrapper and a biscuit packet scrunched together at an unlikely angle. It only looked like a crown from one very specific spot and I am unable to photograph anything more than a packet and a wrapper. I photograph the two-dimensional people lying on the pavement next to their two-dimensional cycle instead.

At work I will finish my new slide show about Lucid Dividuality, make some notes, and arrange for coffee and lunch for the people coming to Living Chatter tomorrow. I will also email everyone giving them clear and precise directions.

In the afternoon I will be shocked and horrified by what the students in the Mobile Apps course have done. They will almost all show me mobile sites that look professional, and could be pitched to Mersey Ferries as prototypes. They have completed the course as it stood last year in two of the five weeks. I am going to have to work hard to come up with something more challenging for them to do.

Irma will phone after her test in a state of complete exhaustion. She will be certain she has failed. I will feel certain that everyone who took the test feels that way.

I will cycle home as fast as I can because the sky is getting darker as I go. Ten minutes after I get in it will start pouring with rain and the daylight will disappear.

Lucky me.