Saturday, September 19

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Millenial Walk, Seacombe, 14:00


We both slept for about twelve hours and woke up completely refreshed. We ate breakfast from the fridge again, courtesy of M&S.

We walked down to Pier Head, and bought tickets for the ferry cruise. We had just missed a ferry so we wrote postcards and watched a man being rescued.

The ferry was the Daffodil and it had been painted as a dazzle ship by Peter Blake, to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of their invention by the Vorticists.

We sailed to Seacombe and then got off. The sun had come out, we looked around the Spaceport attraction and began walking along the coast. Now we are outside a small and very quiet pub. We both comment on how attractive the area is, and how we could imagine cycling around here.

We will walk back to the ferry terminal and get the next ferry to Woodside.

In Birkenhead we will look at the U-Boat attraction and then discover a tram running to a nearby museum. We will almost take a ride but change our minds at the last minute.

We will get the ferry back to Pier Head where we will ignore the Beatles attraction. Instead we will take Irma’s new cardigan back to Marks & Spencer to exchange it for one that is not torn at the neck. We will then wander happily around the centre until we finally end up at the Thomas Rigby for dinner.

Later, in the Aloft, we will wander downstairs to find a raucous wedding in the stylish bar. We will go to bed late.