Saturday, September 12

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Sundö, 15:10


We got up early, had breakfast, and left for Sundö. We were not early enough to go to the market, but we were not especially bothered.

One the way from Borgå to Tirmo we stopped at R Nordström to step back in time and purchase some matches from a village shop so small you could fit it in your living room. We were not disappointed. We bought matches and a big cake and two ciders of a dubious flavour.

When we got to Sundö the sheep were waiting for us, and so were the sheep dogs. We said hello to everyone and started packing up the house for winter. This seemed ridiculous because the sun was up and the day was hotter than most of the days in June. I was packing things away in shorts, with my t-shirt hanging on a railing. We have developed a successful system and everything was done quickly and smoothly.

Now we are going to Camilla and Mika’s for an early dinner. We are standing outside their house looking over the bay. We will spend a couple of very pleasant hours with the Sundbäck family chatting and eating Camilla’s home-made meatballs, salads and cakes. I will agree to be the Sundö Father Christmas again.

I will skype Naa while we are there, and she will chat with everyone for twenty minutes or so. The house in Chiang Mai is busy and Jane and several other adults, as well as a bunch of teenagers from Agape Home, will all pop into view waving and shouting hello.

We will leave Sundö with fresh vegetables, and a bag of plums that I picked from Camilla’s trees. They have more than they can eat.

When we get home I will go for a short walk, since summer seems to have returned; and then we will have an early supper. The cider will be an odd pink colour but not as bad on the tongue as it could have been.