Friday, September 11

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Itäinen Puistotie, 18:40


I had the same kind of morning as yesterday. I did almost everything except what I had intended. I did however rewrite several chunks of the chapter, hunt down some references, and make notes about what else I need to do to complete it.

At 12:30 Nathalie led everyone into another room to celebrate Maria’s fiftieth birthday. We toasted her, sang songs, and then went back to whatever we were doing.

I got distracted by a genuine need to find a suitable IDE for the CMS course. Andrej made an interesting intervention into the process and by the time I left I had an educational account with JetBrains, and a working copy of PhpStorm.

This is the one we will use.

I got trams 6 and 1A to Kaivapoisto and Irma stopped to pick me up before I could start walking. Ten minutes later we were inside the British Embassy at the revived Well in the Park club.

Now we are walking back to the car past the US Embassy. Since it is September 11 I pause to photograph the American gargoyles.

We will drive to Kamppi where Irma will deliver some things to her mother and I will go to the shop for her to buy milk.

At home we will eat cheese, drink tea, and read.