Thursday, September 3

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Itäkeskus, 17:30


It was raining this morning so I left with an umbrella to catch the bus. Three hundred metres from the house the rain stopped. I stood there wondering whether to go back for the bike or get the bus. I compromised by walking to Puotila.

I spent the whole day with the first CMS workshop, which I had to improvise. Because of the fact that HostMonster have taken offline again, for entirely acceptable reasons, the new students did not have their own WordPress installations available. So the idea that we would start the day with me guiding them through the basics of WordPress wasn’t going to happen.

Instead I gave them a two hour lecture on the basics of WordPress before we stopped for an early lunch. Then I saw an MA student for a tutorial to decide what to do about her overdue assignment. This got sorted out in time for me to have a sandwich before restarting the CMS course.

We spent the afternoon setting up Xampp installations on the students’ h-drives; installing WordPress to run under Xampp; and testing that it all worked. Within certain limits it did. The limits should be manageable, and the students now know how to build a personal development environment.

Now I am on my way home. Not having a bike available I am getting the bus. This is the first time since before summer that I have used a bus.

This evening we will sit in the house without Naa wondering what to do. Irma will show me her Whatsapp communications with her, we will do our monthly finances, and we will both read.