Thursday, August 27

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Arabia, 18:15


Today was warmer than yesterday and there seemed no possibility of rain.

I spent the morning at Arcada doing a whole variety of different start-of-the-year tasks. I also added sixty students to after finding out how the bulk uploading system works. There are now 133 people registered, including all of the first year in Media Culture.

In the afternoon I met the first year and took them through Lynda, using One Drive, Portable Apps, publishing web pages through your h-drive, and various other tips and tricks a new student should know.

At 16:15 I walked to Aalto for the technical rehearsal for tomorrow’s defence. The slides worked, and are now fixed beyond any possibility of changing them. I had worked my script into ten two-minute chapters and then bundled them all into a pdf, so that I can glance at them on my iPad while giving the talk. This seemed to work too.

Now I have returned to Arcada to make one final change to the script, and I have decided to get a tram to Sörnäinen. This is the first time I have got a tram since returning to work. Every other time I have walked to Kalasatama.

I will wander round the garden practising for a bit when I get home and then go to bed early. I will be asleep in seconds.