Friday, August 21

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Puotila Metro, 8:15


Irma took the car to be serviced before I left. Naa was still in bed because she is working her late shift today.

I have just left my bike at Puotila station and I am noticing rhat I seem to have got a regular spot. I am in the same space as yesterday and the day before.

At 9:15 I will walk with Mirko from Arcada to Aalto where we will meet Mika, the technician responsible for the hall where my defence will take place. They will chat, Mirko will play with the desk, and fifteen minutes later he will be ready to stream my defence on YouTube.

I will mail everyone on my mailing list to tell them about the possibility to watch online.

I will have a lunchtime meeting downstairs, where I will have beetroot croquettes and potatoes.

I will spend the afternoon alternating between planning my teaching and finalising my slideshow.