Thursday, August 20

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Puotila Beach, 18:45


The weather now seems unchangeable. I got up, assumed it was hot and dry, left the house and found I was correct. I cycled, rode the metro, and walked.

At Arcada I skyped Jutta and we agreed which of us was right about Andrej’s teaching timetable. She was.

I then rewrote my defence speech outline one last time, linking each section to a specific slide. Then I ran through the slides to make sure it worked.

At 13:00 Liisa and I walked to Dylan for a working lunch. We discussed initial plans for The Future North, the conference we have been asked to organise next May.

During the conversation I had an epiphany and everything I have been thinking and planning – all the different elements – suddenly came together. I even had the word I needed for a hook: the word I had been looking for for three years.

While I was in the area I popped on to see Kirsti to see find out some final details for the defence. I left wih everything I needed to know, and more.

I spent the afternoon moving my slides to Powerpoint.

When I got home Naa was in the centra and Irma was in a swimming mood. We cycled to Puotila and here I am at the beach photographing the interaction between swimmers and geese.

Later, after cycling home, walking to buy some milk, and waiting at home with the cat while Irma joins Naa in Stockmann, I will have a shower.