Wednesday, August 19

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Hermannin rantatie, 8:10


I cycled to the metro and got off at Kalasatama. Now I am walking to Arcada. The road by the station is closed due to enormois building works. The entire area is being changed from old railway lines and fields to a new minitown.

I will spend the morning setting up our Lynda campus account and enrolling staff. Students come aboard next week.

I will arrange a lot more of the small details that need to be arranged to make sure Friday August 28 moves smoothly to a successful, or at least palatable, conclusion.

In the afternoon I will prepare for the coming year at Arcada. The preparations will include skyping with Jutta, talking with Tomas and Mats, booking rooms, and beginning the process of incorporating Lyndavideos into more courses.

At 16:15 I will walk briskly to Kalasatama and take to metro to my bike.

Naa had a day off work today and we will fold and iron sheets in the evening.