Sunday, August 16

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The garden, 15:00


Naa was half way through her shift when Irma and I got up. Before brunch Irma made some jam from the berries we had collected and I cycled to Prisma to charge my transport ticket.

It was earlier than I thought and Prisma was still shut, so I walked to the R-Kioski in Tallinninaukio. 

There an old woman was paying for two beers and a packet of cigarettes with a bag full of loose change. Hours passed while she muttered, counted, muttered, recounted, and so on. By the tome I got home Irma had finished her sandwiches and coffee and I sat outside on my own, eating in the hot sun.

We spent most of the afternoon in the garden sunbathing. Bees and butterflies flew around non-stop.

Now I am looking at a dragonfly which seems not to have any concern about how close I am getting. In a few minutes Naa, having arrived home from work, will fall asleep in a garden chair.

Later Irma will drive to Prisma and I will walk to the two nearest bus stops to photograph the new timetables to store in Evernote.

Early showers and early to bed: I start work tomorrow.