Friday, August 7

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Beach, Hanko, 19:00


When we woke Irma and Naa walked to the nearby K-Supermarket to buy things for breakfast.

We then drove to the Tennis Club to see Cata and Jokke who run the café there. Caius was coaching, Jokke was busy behind the counter, and Cata, Claudia and Bebu were on the beach, with Frida. We walked down and sat on the beach with them in bright sunlight.

When they went to the café to start work we drove to the centre and looked around. The centre was very small and utterly fantastic. I had not realised that Hanko was this nice. It is like a quiet English seaside resort.

In the afternoon we met Leffe at the café, when he was arriving to play tennis.

Now we have walked to Hangon Casino, which is not in fact a casino, but a bar and restaurant which is not open this summer. We have walked round it and onto the beach, which even comes equipped with Victorian-style changing rooms. Everyone takes photos of everyone else taking photos.

Later we will return to K-Supermarket to buy things to barbecue, before walking through the woods to meet Cata and Jokke again. In the woods we will pass a teenage gang meeting. Two girls have a quad bike, a small boy has a scooter and the rest have bikes.

Tonight we will have spare ribs.