Thursday, August 6

YEAR:  2015 | Tags:  | |

Puotila Beach, 15:00


I woke just before 5:00 to the sound of thunder. It came right over the house and then moved into the distance over the next thirty minutes.

Naa went to work early and Irma and I had breakfast in the garden. Afterwards the sun came out and I cycled to Prisma for motor oil and milk.

Later I cycled to the beach. 

To my surprise there is a goose on the pavement eating while a gaggle of baby geese wait in the water. I will cycle on to the bridge where the whole beach will be covered in gulls and geese, all looking as though they are expecting rain.

As I turn to cycle home it will start to rain slightly. This will suddenly turn into a torrential shower.

I will arrive home soaked to the skin and have a shower. Irma will go to see Hannu and Naa will arrive home.

At 15:40 I will walk to Agnieszka’s apartment near Itäkeskus, for a meeting with her and John about Living Chatter, the festival conference. The others will arrive at 17:00 and we will start a Pixelache board meeting.

I will leave at 19:00 and Irma will collect me. Naa and Sunshine will be in the car and we will drive to Hanko.

Cata will show us the apartment we are staying in, and we will walk to her and Jokke’s house for a huge barbecue.

Much later we will successfully find our way back through the woods to the apartment, where Sunshine will be relieved to see us.