Wednesday, August 5

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Esplanaadi, 15:00


This morning I got up and made all the slides for the second part of the defence presentation. Since there are four parts it is now half done.

After a yogurt I had a shower, did a few chores, and left for the centre. I walked to Puotila in the sun, waited ten minutes for a metro, and walked down Aleksi.

I met Agnieszka outside Ahorita, a trendy new Mexican street-foody place in Kluuvi. We were nextmeeting Joonas Pekkanen for lunch. I went vegetarian and had Amore Verde Feast, which had one veef tortilla, one paprika tofu, and one full of vegetables. Veef is a vegan substitute for strips of beef, and it works fine in tortillas.

The meeting was interesting and useful and lasted an hour and a half. Afterwards I walked down to Esplanaadi, where I saw this installation. It is called Re-Creation, the resilience of architecture. It was designed by the architect Anssi Lassila.

In the ten minutes I spend looking at it at least six groups pose and photograph themselves in and around the structures.

Next I will go to the Academic Bookshop and look through the sale without finding anything I feel compelled to buy. I will wander around the centre, look in on Library 10, and then decide to walk from Kiasma to Sörnainen. The day is simply too hot and sunny to remain indoors.

At the Hesburger in Helsinginkatu I will stop for a smoothie.

From Sörnainen I will get the metro and bus home. We will have sausages and salad for dinner, and Irma will drive to collect Naa. She has a late shift today and an early shift tomorrow.