Sunday, August 2

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Kivisto, 14:00


Irma had a restless night and made herself breakfast at 6:00. I started the morning somewhat later with a thirty minute walk. When I returned Naa was awake and we had breakfast.

Naa was planning on going to a Home Show in Vantaa with a friend but, for various reasons, this got complicated and then got cancelled. I started the ironing and then asked Naa if she wanted me to come with her. After a couple of minutes she decided she did.

I abandoned the ironing and Irma gave us a lift to the metro.

To get to the show we had to take the new circular rail line that has been designed to link the airport with the city centre. The journey takes thirty minutes, which is only ten minutes faster than the bus.

Now we are at the show, having taken a free bus from Kivisto station. There is an old Finnair plane on display from the Air Museum, which is nearby. The show is outdoors, which I wasnt expecting, and involves real houses, which I also wasn’t expecting.

We will pause for hot dogs when the excitement gets too much. They will come with a lavish array of help-yourself extras including coleslaw, gherkins, dried onions and Tabasco, as well as the traditional ketchup and mustard. We will be childishly impressed.

We will walk back to the station in order to see another display of loft-style row houses. As we do there will be a sudden and very short downpour.

By the time we get to the station it will be obvious that Kivisto is undergoing a transition into a new town, in the same way as Arabia and Kalasatama. We will have walked past building sites, almost completed apartment blocks, and houses where people have just moved in.

In the evening we will have spaghetti with a sauce involving some of Camilla’s lamb.