Friday, July 31

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Sundö, 10:30


It poured with rain for much of the night, and when Naa and I got up the ground and grass were soaking. She went to work and I went to write.

At 9:00 Naa came back for a full set of waterproof clothing, because it had started to rain very hard indeed. I watched her and Lilly accompany Camilla to the onion field looking like farmers in the depths of winter. They all had hoods, rubber boots and rubber jackets.

Now it has stopped raining for a little while. I am looking at the house while I am refilling all the water buckets. The sky is a uniform gray.

While I am filling the last buckets it will start raining again. Thirty minutes later the rain will be torrential. Only the predicted thunder will be missing.

In the afternoon we will drive to see Johanna Kellgren to buy fish. As we leave I will ask Irma where Vikke and Nina live, because I know they live nearby, and we will go exploring.

We will find them all making fishcakes. Maj-Britt will be sitting in front of a grill and Marie will show me where they all live, which is mostly on an island called Husholm that is joined to Stor Pellinge by a narrow bridge. We will buy loads of fishcakes, some of which Vikke will vacuum-pack for freezing.

We will also stop at Gunnel’s kiosk where, among other things, we will find canterellis.

Before we leave Naa will say goodbye to Lilli and we will say long goodbyes to Mika and Camilla.

It will take sixty eight minutes from the 16:30 ferry to home. 

In the evening we will eat Jorre’s salmon and Camilla’s potatoes with a canterelli sauce. We will follow this with some Tirmo-grown strawberries and cream.